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"Lost In Your Lovin"
(Tab Benoit)

Got a bad way of doing me good
I can't help myself
You know I tried everything that I could
To convince myself

That she's not the only fish in the sea
But she's holding her line on me
And I can fight it but she always wins
I'm lost in her lovin'

I feel my whole world spinning around
I'm in drunken love
And I could put one foot on the ground
What am I thinking of

And I can make it to the top of the hill
But she'd pass me like I'm standing still
No matter what she always wins
I'm lost in her lovin'


There was a time when I thought it was done
It could make my getaway
But just as soon as I started to run
I could hear her say

That I can love you like nobody else
I you've only been fighting yourself
And it's a fact that you just can't win
I'm lost in your lovin', I'm lost in your lovin' baby



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